A slack community for young black people in tech.

We want an environment which encourages young black people to learn about and contribute to tech. There's so many of us interested in, or already in tech (some without knowing) and this is a great place to pool all our resources.

No one person leads this community, it's for all us and you should be able to invite anybody you want into the fold, and build smaller communities within it. If you're building something and want your team to work out of this community, allowing you to leverage the network within ... do it!

Meet-ups, retreats, and talks aren't too far into the future, this slack community is a good starting point. Any opportunity to learn something new will be taken. Everyone should feel free to share their public repositories, design, business ideas and more for feedback and contributions.

This community will also be a good place for you to find tech talent to collaborate with or hire. If you're building a team, you should look here. There will be dedicated channels for coding and engineering talk, entrepreneurship and more.

Most important this community will remove any barriers of entry. To us, tech doesn't mean '$curl @x + function(e){e.result=="blah blah"}'. Anybody who turns on their computer and starts conducting business is in tech, and able to both learn and teach here. We need everyone to contribute - bloggers, designers, social media peeps, engineers, musicians, finance folk etc.

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